Business Analyst Job Description

Business analyst plays a vital roles in success of the businesses. A business analyst according to their job description, look for best possible ways to improve organizational processes and effectiveness, through strategies, technologies, innovative solutions, and much more.

They acts as communicators, mediators, moderators, facilitators and they look for potential solutions of the problems. They always work to improve organizational efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

Business Analyst Job Description

Job description of a business analyst varies among industries, seniority level, and job roles. Most of business analysts generally spend their time;

  • Identifying problems,
  • Conducting research,
  • Collecting and analyzing data,
  • Understanding business needs and requirements,
  • Developing actionable strategies,
  • Communicating solutions to the stake holders, and
  • Helping to implement solutions

Business analysts are the main key drivers behind organization growth and success. Following tasks are included in the job description of a business analyst;

  • Interact with the co-workers to understand business needs
  • Continuous review of business processes and business model
  • Evaluate and improve overall business systems and processes
  • Forecast business problems, needs and requirements
  • Identify the areas of improvements in overall business
  • Develop and assist the organization in implementing the solutions for strategic and operational changes
  • Assess potential threats and opportunities lies in these changes
  • Develop new or alter current systems and processes that will help in implementing these solutions
  • Look for new innovative process and advancements that can enhance organization efficiency, effectiveness and productivity
  • Stay in liaison with internal, external stakeholders, clients, managers and technical staff members
  • Conduct researches, surveys, interviews, workshops and tests
  • Compile reports and present them to stakeholders
  • Act as a support member of the staff and organization
  • Perform requirement analysis
  • Collect, compile and communicate important information from meetings
  • Make sure that recommended solutions are meeting business needs and requirements
  • Perform resource allocator role and maintain cost effectiveness
  • Develop projects and plans
  • Lead project management activities, and monitor project performance and make sure that they are completed on time
  • Prioritize activities based on organizational needs and requirements
Business Analyst Job Description

Business Analyst Skills

The skill set of a business analyst is the mixture of business administration and data analysis. Business analysis lies in between of both fields and business analysts compile unusually large data sets.

They must have technical skills and soft skills and they are as follows;

Business Analyst Technical Skills


Knowledge and expertise of SQL and relational database management system are required in business analyst’s job. It helps in approaching, fetching, operating and evaluating data.


Business analyst should have proper and in depth knowledge of technology. He should have the know-how of the computer operations and various concepts of Information and engineering systems. They have the in-depth knowledge and expertise of Microsoft Office.


Knowledge and expertise of programming languages R and Python, is essential. It helps in complex problem solving and data analysis.

Data Analysis

Business analysts should have an in-depth knowledge of how to use data modeling and visualization tools like Tableau and more. Business analyst should know various aspects of business research and data analytics and its application in business management.

Thus, it includes various types of analysis like objected oriented analysis, gap analysis, cost benefit analysis and more. It also includes various types of projections and forecasts, like statistical analysis, risk management projections, test of validation and verification.


With data analysis, it also relates to organizing and documentation of the data. The business analysts are required to write documents like business requirement documents, technical specification, projections, plans, reports based on research.

Business Management

Business analysts must have a sound understanding of business principles. They should have knowledge of business processes and IT systems. Business analysts must know the fundamentals of business and it strategies, budgeting, customer relations, cost benefit analysis and much more.

Business Analysts Technical Skills

Business Analyst Soft Skills

Communication Skills

Business analysts are required to communicate with internal and external stakeholders. This requires listening and speaking skills and knows how to ask the right question at the right time.

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

One of the most important characteristic of business analyst is to look for innovative solutions of the business problems. It involves identification of the problems, define that problem and look for possible solutions.

It involves clear, critical, and creative thinking to understand the problems and to identify and suggest its innovative solutions. This skill is not learned, it is gained by experience and practice. 

Time Management

Business analyst job is complex and difficult job to do and these types of jobs need excellent time management skill. Business analysts’ days and weeks are constantly changing and they have to deal with important and difficult tasks.

Negotiation Skills

For a business analyst, it is a must skill to have a very good negotiation skill. Business analysts must find perfect deals for the company and at the same time keep the client happy as well.

Managerial Skills

Business analysts handle various aspects and tasks of the businesses. They identify problems, feasibility of projects, make plans, forecast budgets, direct workforce, and much more.

Job of business analyst that handle various tasks need to have high level of managerial skills to do their job.

Decision Making Skills

Sound, quick and right decision making skills are mandatory in business analyst job. Business analysts should be able to comprehend information from stakeholders, identify problems, analyze the situations and provide solutions.

Survival and viability of the organization is highly dependent on decisions made by business analysts.

Business Analysts Soft Skills

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Business Analyst Job Description FAQ

1. What are the job duties of a Business Analyst?

Most of business analysts generally spend their time;

  • Identifying problems,
  • Conducting research,
  • Collecting and analyzing data,
  • Understanding business needs and requirements,
  • Developing actionable strategies,
  • Communicating solutions to the stake holders, and
  • Helping to implement solutions

2. What skills does a Business Analyst need?

The job of a business analyst requires following skills;

Business Analyst Technical Skills

  • SQL
  • Technology
  • Programming
  • Data Analysis
  • Documentation
  • Business Management

Business Analyst Soft Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Time Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Managerial Skills
  • Decision Making Skills
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