Ideas On How To Name A Business

After deciding on your business idea and niche, it is one of the most difficult tasks to generate different ideas on how to name a business. Coming up with a good business name requires your time and it’s a whole process to do. But, it offers a number of benefits and advantages.

A good business name should be;

  • aligned with your brand,
  • memorable,
  • simple,
  • clear,
  • unique,
  • catchy,
  • easy to pronounce, and
  • available

Because your business name will be the first thing your customers will see but will leave a lot of impressions. As it is your first handshake with your customers.

In this article, we will share some ideas on how to name a business for your new business. Let’s take a look;

1. Originality

Standing out from the whole crowd is a bit scary and difficult. But, don’t be afraid to come up with the original business name. Staying original can be hard and scary while naming your business, but it is very important for your business.

Your business name should catch the attention of your customers and compel them to visit. Rather than taking a look at your business name from the outside and move on as if you never existed.

There are a number of companies that have twisted their business name spellings like Tumblr, Flickr, Xero, and others. While others use acronyms, abbreviations, and mashing up two or three different words.

Let your mind generate ideas and be imaginative while naming a business in a unique and creative way. A lot of new business owners struggle while naming their businesses. But, there are different strategies that will help you in choosing a business name.

Explore different keywords

You can use different keyword tools like Twinword, Wordoid, and many others, to help you find your business name. By writing the main keyword of your business in search it will provide you a chart of all other related keywords.

Consult books, dictionaries, and novels

You can use dictionaries, hard copy, or online like Thesaurus, where you can find a business name. You can search for different words that relate to you or synonyms of different words.

Play with words

You can play with words and find a business name and originality in it. For example, Netflix came from Internet & Flicks and many more are there.

Sole man is a shoe and leather repair business, while Spoon Me is a business frozen yogurt. You can play with different words and find a great and original business name for your business.

2. User-friendly

It is important to choose a business that is easy to pronounce, spell, and typed while addressing or googling it. Because difficult business names don’t make many grades in customers’ minds and often fail. People will be less likely to make purchases from those businesses.

It is because customers like those business names that are easy to understand and communicate to others.

Imagine what will they tell about a brand name when someone asks them where they bought this product from. If they are finding it difficult to pronouncing your business name, they are less likely to purchase from that business.

It creates a lot of confusion in the minds of customers. They start looking for easy alternatives in pronouncing those business names. If a business name is difficult to pronounce, there are higher chances that customers will switch to other brands.

A business name that is easy to spell and pronounce will put that business ahead of the game. Remember that, if your customers are not able to find your business, due to your business name. They will end up finding other businesses to purchase from.

3. Futuristic

Nobody knows what the future holds, but we can plan and prepare ourselves for it today. The best time for future preparation is the present moment.

Don’t limit your future expansion and reach by choosing a typical name that will hinder your growth in the future. A futuristic or future-oriented business will give a lot of flexibility in the future.

Maybe you will be going to expand your business to other cities or maybe countries. If you are currently offering men’s apparel, then plan to start offering women’s apparel in the future as well.

Avoid making your business name product-oriented or local location oriented rather look for industry-related terms in business names. Don’t just tell your customers about your offerings in terms of products or services.

But, tell them about your story, mission, vision, goals, objectives, values, and unique value proposition through your business name.

4. Brainstorm

Brainstorming will open your mind to various business names as you will look for creative, innovative ideas and solutions. Start by thinking about your business, its positioning, its target audience, and converting it into a brand.

Think about your target audience, and how they will/want to feel about the result of your offerings. Think as a customer of your own business, you will be able to find an appropriate name for your business.

5. Keep branding in your mind

While creating a business name, you have to make sure that it looks good with your brand and logo. A real, attractive, and creative business name will help you in making your business into a brand.

Make sure that your logo and your business name are in place and fit with each other. Then you can place it on your products, in front of your business shop, email signature, as a sticker, and others.

Listen to your customers through feedback about how they feel about your brand, its name, logo, and overall branding.

6. Check whether its available or not

Before buying a domain, deciding on a legal business entity, promotions, and marketing, it’s time for some digging. Conduct research on your business name so that is available because from this, you can save a lot of time and money.

If your business name is original and creative then it will more likely to be available.

Check your business name availability from these sources;

  • General internet search
  • Search from Secretary of State records
  • Check doing business as (DBA)
  • Search for trademarks (TM)
  • Search and register a domain
  • Search on social media platforms for availability

If your chosen business name is available, make sure that your trademark register it. So, that it will be identified as another brand, and others cannot trade using this business name.

You can also trademark to have protection on intellectual property rights, including your business logo, products, name, and others.

But if your chosen business name is not available, try looking for other business name ideas. It’s beneficial to have a number of chosen names while the brainstorming process. So that you can choose other business names in any case.

7. Test your business name and logo

Testing your business name is a very important step to get feedback. This feedback will let you know that how well it will perform in the market.

You can test your business name and logo with your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, strangers, and potential customers.

You can test different people in groups or individually. Additionally, you can test different names and logos as well to identify the best one for your business.

Testing your brand name and logo will help you in identifying whether they align with each other or not. The design of the logo and brand name should align with each other otherwise they will be mismatched between each other.

If you are going to make your brand global, it is essential to conduct linguistic screening and research. It will help you in avoiding unintentional or unintended mistakes of meanings in other languages.

8. Make sure you like it

It is a must that you must like your business name that you have identified. You must feel confident in yourself before putting it before the market. Brainstorm on many different business names, and take the proper time to decide on the final one.  

The Bottom Line

There was a time when you didn’t know on how to generate a business name. But, we have mentioned 8 ideas on how to name a business. Now you can name your business and promote, market your business and present it before the world.

Ideas On How To Name A Business FAQ

1. How do I come up with a catchy business name?

8 tips on how to come up with a business name;

  • Own name & story
  • Look at your offerings
  • Look at other’s business names
  • Brainstorm
  • Take a look at mythology, literature, movies & legends
  • Use business name generators
  • Use abbreviations, acronyms, mash-ups, spelling twisting
  • Use dictionary

2. How do I name my small business?

8 tips on how to come up with a business name;

  • Own name & story
  • Look at your offerings
  • Look at other’s business names
  • Brainstorm
  • Take a look at mythology, literature, movies & legends
  • Use business name generators
  • Use abbreviations, acronyms, mash-ups, spelling twisting
  • Use dictionary

3. How do you create a unique business name?

Ideas on how to name a business for your new business;

  • Originality
  • User-friendly
  • Futuristic
  • Brainstorm
  • Keep branding in your mind
  • Check whether its available or not
  • Test your business name and logo
  • Make sure you like it